New Year’s Eve can be such wicked fun!

Happy New Year to you! Hope the coming year brings to you what you wish for. Above all, hope 2012 will be a year of safety and health for all of us! Good luck with any New Year resolutions! *smile* Hope you are spending the last evening of 2011 with someone you love!

 They are tuning up for Auld Lang Syne! Horacio Altuna has fun with his subjects! Adore his work.

 Gina Lollobrigida in 1958 surrounded by the press on arrival at the airport. One thing about those vintage times, there were no problems with wearing fur coats! I know it’s wrong of me and I do feel guilty but that coat is gorgeous!  I know, I know, that is wrong in so many ways. Guilt is settling over me now…

 Vernice61 once again indicates the subby love for his Mistresses by the little hearts. She is enjoying the pig or, perhaps the pig is enjoying himself as well!

 The last Strap-On Saturday for 2011. And this couple have taken a poor quality picture of their wicked New Year’s game! Time to ring in the New Year!

Posted this simply because it’s beautiful! As we rush through another year, it’s a small message to pay attention to the beauty that is everywhere in our lives. Let’s have a New Year’s toast to artists everywhere who, in their different ways, make us look at the strange, eccentric and wonderful beauty around us!

Lovely lesbian scene from Rebecca. This scene is tender. The work from Rebecca usually isn’t.

 Milla Jovovich by Eric Guillemain. Guillemain is a French fashion photographer, (born in Morocco) and now lives in New York. He was also the former lead singer of the French rock band “Venice”.