Japanese face-sitting art by Kaku. Lovely colour palette gives a light touch to the last Worship Wednesday for November.


 She’s holding him firmly as he begins his Worship Wednesday activity. She has an interesting expression.

Abbey Lee Kershaw photographed by Tom Ford. This is a gorgeous photograph and she is flawless. Assume, of course, you know who Tom Ford is.*smile* 

 Lynn Paula Russell is a talented eclectic artist. She has been an actress and a dancer, has executed large composite images of various West End plays and musicals, smaller composites of important television plays and scenes for American television, and painted quad posters of Hollywood stars. She has explored the strange world of fetishist art, illustrating a number of magazines as well as illustrating children stories written by her husband.

 A smile of triumph on Worship Wednesday! Queened, he submits while she gloats, flexing her cane as if to intimidate him even further.

 “What are you holding out for? What’s always (in the way)? Why so damn absent-minded? Why so scared (of romance)? Ah, this modern love breaks me!” (Bloc Party)

Another iconic fashion photograph by the great Helmut Newton. The photograph is timeless. The fashion magazine has been the cutting edge for photographic art for the past fifty years and still is!

 “Ingrid” by Aquarelle who can be found on EroticArtists.org.  Aquarelle has other views of Ingrid as well.