Another cuckold fantasy. In bondage and gagged, the subby hubby has to watch the lovemaking of his wife and her Latin lover. Hope she doesn’t break a nail!

Another self-portrait by the sensual and mischievous Giovanna Casotto. She has a very clean style that many people enjoy. There is a “real” picture of Giovanna on the site so you can compare. Search the “Casotto” tag. 


Grace Kelly remains such a fashion and beauty icon. In 1951, the newly famous Kelly took a bold stand against a racist incident involving black American expatriate singer/dancer Josephine Baker, when Stork Club in New York refused Baker as a customer. Kelly, who was dining at the club when this happened, rushed over to Baker (whom she had never met), took her by the arm, and stormed out with her entire party, vowing never to return (and she never did). The two women became close friends after that night.

The common cuckold scenario with the dominant wife, her lover and the feminised cuckold in chastity. The artist is unknown to me but the work is solid and quite good. If you can identify the artist, please do.

 We will have to use our imagination here for the reason he appears displeased with the turn of events.

 At first glance, thought this was photoshopped but it appears to be a pair of rather sneaky tights!
Red seams and fake bands & garters! Very cunning. Haven’t seen this in red so if anyone has a brand name, let me know.
Sexiness and comfort! Wicked combination! And the shoes…well… 🙂

 This is brilliant – art in the digital world – and I love it! Unfortunately, don’t know who the artist is (if you know, don’t be shy, tell us) but loooove the wolf!

 Kate Winslett, actress and singer. She has been included as a vocalist on some soundtracks of works she has performed in, and the single “What If” from the soundtrack for Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001), was a hit single in several European countries. BTW, yours truly combined 3 pictures into one to make this picture.

Another vintage piece from the enigmatic Montorgueil. This is the original, I think (Lobojack may know better) but there has been an edited version without the hanging and caned male in the picture. I prefer this as it gives more layers of meaning to the story.