Believe that fisherman like to be photographed with their catch. This could be similar. She is a little pleased with herself and poses her poor sub for the camera. A nice memento.

 More from the well known and imminently respected Jean Girard who is better known as Moebius. This is very good and quite powerful. The lesbian power is overt with a few subtler messages.

I truly love this. The eyes are perfectly captured and the viewer can see so much. Weiss Christian is a German photographer and artist. His website has examples of his photographic work as well as his art and graphic design work. The link to his site is listed in my “Friends” list.

 Another piece from Gregor in the story of the tyrannical Wanda.


 Her stance is somewhat arrogantly impatient as the maid stoically goes about her work. Perhaps this is a small D/s scene between two lovers? Or the life of a maid in the world of the rich and infamous? Perhaps it’s a picture froma fashion spread. The sheer dress/skirt is nice as are the shoes. (See? Didn’t mention the ring!)

 Do enjoy seeing a Domme having a good time. She’s in a playful mood and the hat with the cane has a sort of vaudeville, song and dance them about it. Steppin’ out with my baby!


 Stella Van Gent visiting Paris in over the knee boots with 5 inch heels and leather/spandex suit. The perfect outfit for shopping on the Champs d’Elysee. The dog is cute. Stella’s fetish site is Red Optics.

Giko does not seem to be producing art work anymore which is a great pity as he created a stylistic ambience in each of his portfolio pieces.