Another unknown artist. It is an interesting study of a Domme on her high queening chair. She has added an extra degree of difficulty by leaving her knickers on!

She is bored. Perhaps it is just a training exercise. Or the book is so good she can’t put it down, even for Worship Wednesday!

This is intriguing. Two women? Or a woman with a man with long hair and big feet? Perhaps the camera focal length has distorted the foot size. Summer fun in the sand! Not too sure about the sand, though. Always find that sand has the annoying ability to infiltrate rather sensitive areas. Sand has a gritty texture that can make you grit your teeth!

“Your songs remind me of swimming which I forgot when I started to sink. Drank further away from the shore and deeper into the drink” (Swimming by Florence and the Machine)

Like this photograph. It is a lovely moment. She looks down and is, I imagine, pleased with her power and position.

 Lovely Asian work. The distorted perspective is always intriguing in this style of work. The detail is wonderful but do not know who the artist is. A lovely piece for Worship Wednesday.



 “The power of orange knickers under my petticoat, the power of listening to what you don’t want me to know.” Tori Amos

Teasing and milking him electronically. She may turn the power off at a critical moment!