Pink has a style similar to Kimberly Wilder but focuses on humiliation and domestic drudgery.


Hope he can breathe! Doubt that he could move if she relaxed completely!

Clarence Coles Phillips (October 1880 – June 13, 1927) was an American artist and illustrator, who after 1911 used Coles Phillips as his signature. He is known for his stylish images of women.

Unfortunately, do not know who the photographer is. She has a lot of style, messing about in boats in that outfit! Or has she fled the ball and is waiting for her pumpkin carriage?

She has a firm grip and a lovely corset. Wonder if he knows his photograph is being taken?

Political Wife 2 Published!

 The intrigue and machinations of the political world continues with Book 2 in the series Political Wife.
Billie seeks to control Jeremy even more and after catching him in a delicate situation, decides a chastity belt is the perfect tool for her revenge! Mrs Armstrong also has fun with the American film star Douglas Bradshaw while Jeremy suffers! And what is going on with Gemma and Zöe?
The second volume in this series is released! Three excerpts for a preview follow.

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Excerpt 1.

Gemma nodded as she had performed the same search but it was always good to check as she might have missed something. Continue reading

Discarded flogger in the foreground tells the story. Subjugation and then queening. Obviously posed but still delightful in a small way. A harsh Worship Wednesday!


Nothing like a bath! Some women masturbate in the bath. This is a grand step beyond that! A tribute to our special Wednesdays!