Underling dreams up some wonderfully humiliating scenarios and “Frilly Friday” is one of them. He has his own blog (in the “Friends” list) and did interview him a while back. Check under “Interviews” in the blog guide.


Perhaps she is giving him instructions. Hope she’s kind – everyone has a first time, don’t they?

A little girly love. This is quite hot as they are both eager. Nice hentai by unknown artist.


She has him exactly where she wants him. And he loves it!

Romantic picture and, judging by the logo on the robe, it could be an advertisement for a chain of hotels.

Meet you down at the Strap-On Motel!

Political Wife

Billie Armstrong discovers just how far her politician husband will go
in his quest to win the highest political office in the land!

Billie is not above a little blackmail and, holding all the cards,
she pushes her husband to submit to all her whims!

Politics, Billie discovers, is all about power



Billie checked her lipstick for the final time, screwed the cap back on and dropped the lipstick into her handbag.

Today, her handbag of choice was the Sarah wallet by Louis Vuitton in the gorgeous Rouge Fauviste tones. The bag was new and matched the exquisite high heel shoes Billie had purchased for exactly this day!

This day had been a long time coming but, at last it was here!

Today, Billie Armstrong dressed for herself and not for the approval of the voters! Continue reading

Unknown artist with an extreme scene.

Desperate and hungry to lick. Torn pantyhose. Not as easy as it looks. Always have to start the rip with teeth or something else sharp if the tights are of an average denier.