A Different Marriage – March

The next volume in this popular series, A Different Marriage  is now available!

Tim faces his greatest challenge as Sandra, who wants some changes, approaches her different life with gusto!
Finally, she does what she wants for herself and does not worry about the consequences! (28,514 words)



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A fiendish device. The sub’s penis is pushed inside the longer and harder, see through, sleeve so he can make love to his Mistress for ages without coming! She orgasms but not him. Fiendish, is it not?

Pony play from Hata Deli, an artist I have only seen black and white drawings from. In the 1920s and 1930s, Hata Deli created black and white BDSM drawings in a delightful post-art-nouveau style.


Such a cheeky picture and filled with glee! The artist is not known to me but would love to know his or her name. If you know, be a sweetie and post a note! I would like to find more work by this talented artist.


As promised, a piece of Montorgueil’s work that has been coloured by person(s) unknown. I quite like it and think it’s a good job. However, still prefer the original pieces for their wicked simplicity.


Locked up, tagged and wrapped in a pretty ribbon. If we could see her face, we know she would have a smug expression!