Seduced into Stockings: Ms Bond

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Synopsis Julian willingly falls under the spell of the enigmatic Ms Bond. Initially her personal assistant, Julian is slowly transformed by the woman he adores.
 Seduced into stocking, Julian discovers a part of himself he did not know existed.He feels comfortable and at home with Ms Bond, a woman he would do anything for.
And then…


Chapter 1.

The city.
Such a testament to the achievements of Man.
And yet, the thin and fragile veer of civilisation barely masks the surging primitive desires and mayhem
that has been with human beings since the dawn of time.

Heath beamed at Tina.

‘That’s brilliant, Tina! Is the paperwork submitted? No sale is done until the signature is on the bottom line!’

‘I know, Heath. I’m seeing the client tomorrow.’

‘Tomorrow? So, when will the paperwork be signed?’

 ‘Tomorrow at nine. It will be on your desk by eleven!’

‘Brilliant and that sale will put you on the top of sales ladder for the year!’

Tina smiled modestly at us. Adrian, the sales person currently leader the sales ladder said, through gritted teeth, ‘congrats, Tina. Super job!’

‘Thanks, Adrian,’ Tina said, batting her eyelashes. ‘Coming from you, that’s terrific!’ Tina lied effortlessly.

‘Right,’ Heath said, looking around the meeting, ‘who hasn’t reported yet?’

As usual, I wished the floor would choose that moment to open up and swallow me.

Tina looked pointedly at me and said, with a straight face, ‘I don’t think we’ve heard what Julian has done. I’m sure he has some super sales as well.’

The Bitch!

Adrian turned to look at me, his eyes cold with thinly disguised contempt a top sales person has for a plodder such as me. Continue reading

The two handed grip! Guiding him and not allowing him to move back until the job is done!

Paul Roberts’ paintings have been described as “dreams made uncomfortably a little real”. At the heart of his work is always the desire to create energy on the canvas – to draw the viewer into a fragmentary still of a world that is between realities. Perhaps Vettriano was an influence?