“Sweet love for Cheri and my heart melts from dusk to day.
Tossing with the night caress when she’s away,
Dreaming of waiting for her smile and joy.
My cherie amour.” 

Working first as a nurse, then as a fashion model in the early 1970s, Suze Randall gained attention for erotic photographs
she took of her fellow model friends. In 1972 she played an au pair in Éric Rohmer’s film “Love in the Afternoon.”
She gave up modelling and devoted her time to erotic photography.
Suze, at least, got the lesbian photographs right! That is, the women look at each other and not the camera!

Aldo focuses on forced femme Femdom art and his transformed creatures are seductively delightful in their meekness.

When your daddy was quite surprised To find you with the working girls In the county jail. I was smoking with the boys upstairs When I heard about the whole affair I said oh no William and Mary won’t do” My Old School – Steely Dan (Love the song and the boots!)

Chibiabos, a new young artist in the every growing band of 3D exponents. Unlike many in that genre, he puts some thought into the scene and develops good characterisation.