Kami Tora Interview

Kami Tora has a huge following of his particular, hentai influenced fetish art. Luckily, Kami agreed to discuss art, fetishes and blue pencils.

 Thank you talking to me. Your name, I believe, means “Paper Tiger”? Why did you choose that?
Thanks for inviting me! I thought about using “Paper Tiger” for a while. I just liked the phrase, and I thought it also fit the idea of working and drawing on paper. It was an afterthought to “translate” it into Japanese, since at the time, my work was heavily influenced by hentai artists from Japan.

Some background. Where do you live and work? Where were you born?
I was born in California, and still I live and work in the USA.

 When did you discover you have a talent for art? How did you develop your skills?
I was always drawing, even very young I had a chalkboard in my room where I would always be Continue reading




Such a smile and the beguiling red lips on the hooded man/woman would tempt anyone. Such a scene; such a Strap-On Saturday!

Whip It!

“When a problem comes along,
you must whip it,
before the cream sits out too long,
you must whip it,
when something’s going wrong,
you must whip it,
now whip it!”


Vintage whipping but not too sure about the spurs!