Wicked Game (Preview)

Wicked Game is a FemDom novel of slow and gentle domination with a different ending.


George was a nerd. A little plump, balding and with a nervous stammer but he was successful in his work. His life was solitary until he met Pam. Younger and sexy, she seemed to be able to tap directly into George’s fantasies until she could wrap him around her little finger!
Then, George found he was willingly doing things that he once would have considered perverted.
Little by little, step by step, Pam escalated her control until the trap closed.
And then, George was faced with a choice!(30,219 words)


In the beginning, it was a game. Nothing more than that, just a game. A little bit kinky, perhaps, and incredibly sexy for me but still a game.

Or, so I thought.

When Pam and I had met, I could not believe my good fortune. She was ten years younger than I Continue reading

Swing Girl

The Tease

‘How are you today?’ Alice asked as she closed the door behind her.

‘Please,’ I said thickly, ‘I…’

‘Hush,’ she said softly, placing her bag on the table and walking to the kitchen. Continue reading


She stretched like a plump cat, then extended a leg so she could look critically at her toe nails.

‘I think, darling, I should teach you to prepare and paint my nails.’ Continue reading