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…playing sexy croquet!


She looks bored! Think he will get a big FAIL!

Soft Focus

Therapy (Preview)

A new FemDom novel that will be published quite soon.

Synopsis: Sadie and Ethan have a problem. Ethan is submissive and wants to play sexual games that Sadie thinks is “abnormal”. Sadie insist that Ethan visit a counsellor and both agree to discuss their problems during therapy.
Doctor Jamison suggests a radical plan – a weekend away where Ethan experiences all his fantasies – a taste or reality, Doctor Jamison suggests, may just “cure” Ethan.
Reluctantly, Sadie agrees to go along with the startling therapy!
(24,007 words)


Sadie looked around the waiting room and admired Doctor Jamison’s quiet style. The decor could only be described as subdued but elegant.

There were no other patients in the waiting room. It was one of Doctor Jamison’s trademarks that none of her patients met another patient. Sadie was glad of that as curious eyes would make the experience even more difficult.

Perhaps Doctor Jamison understood that and arranged for her patient times so they were always spread out. This enabled Doctor Jamison to spend a fruitful time with her patient and the patient could relax, knowing they would not meet a waiting client when they left.

Sadie knew the waiting room was the “front” entrance and when she left, she would do so by exiting a different way.

She admired Doctor Jamison’s efficiency.

The door to Doctor Jamison’s suite opened and Deborah Jamison smiled at Sadie. Continue reading

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