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Betrayed is now available and the newsletter with the discount coupon  has been sent to those registered. Interested in feedback and don’t forget to vote in the Bondage Awards!

Betrayed (Preview)

Leon’s wife, Madge is obscenely wealthy and very jealous. Their relationship has faltered badly and Leon flirts with his assistant but Madge with the help of her gay pal friend, Joshua, unveils an elaborate scheme of revenge involving mind control.
Mainly F/m, this has elements of extreme FemDom involving modification, humiliation and some M/m.
(37,146 words)


Chapter 1: Falling

‘Leon,’ my secretary called, ‘your wife is on line one.’

‘Tell her I’ll call her back, Janice.’

‘I can’t do that, Leon,’ Janice said with her hand over the mouthpiece. ‘She owns the business!’ Continue reading


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Handcuffed together as well.

Car and Boots

Jackkat likes the car, I like the boots…what about you?  (Sent in by Jackkat.)