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Alchemy Discovered (Preview)

Must admit, love writing stories with a historical background. Somehow, it is easier to do that in the transgender stories than the FemDom. Not really sure why, although have written one FemDom lesbian novel set in WWII.

The “Alchemy Universe” was created for the first book in the Alchemy series, Royal Alchemy (2006). That novel was set in England 1913, in an alternative Earth where things were achingly familiar but also very different.

King Rudolph, a Tudor, is still on the English throne, the American War of Independence did not occur and neither did Bismarck’s Prussia.

The sprawling British Empire includes Canada, which stretches from the Artic to the Mexican border, India (which includes Pakistan and Sri Lanka), Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and many parts of Africa.

England is a superpower and only the Austrian-Hungarian Empire with its spread over much of Europe, Africa and parts of Asia, rivals its strength and military forces.

In this parallel world, alchemy – the power to transmute metals and flesh – is a skill used by the alchemists who once occupied privileged positions in the royal courts.

Royal Alchemy established this universe and had intentions of not revisiting but, due to popular demand and my own curiosity, Alchemy Discovered (2007) was written.

It is not vital to read Royal Alchemy before reading this novel. However, reading Royal Alchemy would enhance the experience as many of the characters of the first novel appear in Alchemy Discovered. Continue reading

How time flies!

The weeks just rush by and suddenly it’s Worship Wednesday or, indeed, Strap-On Saturday! Perhaps we should have  also have  Flogging Friday or a Tease Thursday, maybe Torture Tuesday! Heavens forbid, even a Milking Monday!

No, just a little too regimented for me.

The arms of that chair are sure to hurt the back of the knees. That’s why she has her hand under her leg.

The chair arm defintely needs padding. Perhaps she’ll get him to get out his little tool box and pad the arms of the chair! I would and I would also have him fetch a cushion. So important to be comfy! 🙂

Namio – Brilliant FemDom Artist!

Namio Harukawa was born in 1947, in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. He is best known for his realistic femdom erotica drawings.

Harukawa’s drawings feature voluptuous women with large breasts, wide hips, round buttocks and thick legs dominating, overpowering and humiliating smaller men. Harukawa’s women are both Asian and European in appearance, and a few times African. Continue reading

Merger of Webpage and Blog

The final changes for the upgrading of the webpage/blog have been concluded, apart from a few cosmetic changes later. From today, the bookshops and the blog have been combined.

I hope the navigation is reasonably easy but if you have difficulty, simply check the FAQ page on the Navigation drop down menu.

If you have bookmarked the old Home.html, you should change your bookmark to this page or to the opening page with its warning (

The old Home page will vanish over time.

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Happy Birthday to me!

China Glaze - so yummy! The photo doesn't do it justice! Manolo BlahnikThank you for the lovely e-cards!

Lovely China Glaze and beautiful boots by Manolo Blahnik!  Sigh…there is nothing like shoe porn!

The boots are not possible – dramatic sigh – but the China Glaze is  – as is a long lunch with friends and then something a little special… 🙂  I intend to be very wicked!

Don’t wait up for me!  🙂 🙂