Loved this film when it came out (ages ago – 1990s?) but this is really nice. Saw it on Kinkerbelle so, being me, stole it! (Sure Kinkerbelle won’t mind!) Some of the scenes a bit “blokey” orientated (males idea of what lesbians do) but the combination of sensuality with music is very nice.

A sweet kiss after the tennis match.

A Little Fun Sent By a Reader…

FemDom Art: Sardax Limited Edition.

Shanghai Bizarre No.4 ~ The Rickshaw  Limited editon print by Sardax.

Preview: Other Shoes

1. Not The Six O’clock News!

It’s good news week,
Someone’s dropped a bomb somewhere,
Contaminating atmosphere
And blackening the sky,
It’s good news week,
Someone’s found a way to give,
The rotting dead a will to live,
Go on and never die.
My head hurt and the room spun just a little as the strident sounds of my mobile called me from my sleep.
Groaning, I picked up my mobile.
‘I think so,’ I said groggily, opening my eyes. Continue reading

Strap On Queen

Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield – Vintage Jealousy or Curiosity? She’s looking and wondering – real or not?

The Difference Between Men and Women

Handwriting: To their credit, men do not decorate their penmanship. They just chicken-scratch. Women use scented, colored stationary and they dot their “i’s” with circles and hearts. Women use ridiculously large loops in their “p’s” and “g’s”. It is a royal pain to read a note from a woman. Even when she’s dumping you, she’ll put a smiley face at the end of the note.

More differences here. (Warning: Countless American references.)