The Mistress Next Door: Greta Plays!

Now published!
Chris’s subjugation by the cunning and manipulative Greta continues. Life is totally out of control for Chris now and his wife, Mona, seems to enjoy his new position as much as Greta! No sympathy for Chris at all! And Greta’s internet plans continue!

(14, 721 words)
The Mistress Next Door: Greta Plays!

Victor Ivanovski

FemDom Art: A. Hegner & P. Rollmann

Working under the name Richard Hegemann, the Hegner & Rollmann produced  drawings of a certain turn of the 20th century feel.

A New Look for the Webpage

The webpage has a new look – it is still a work in progress but the work done by Ellen is brilliant! I love it. Hopefully, it is a little bit cleaner and easier to move around with the same elegant, stylised “feel”.
Still some areas to go but it’s a brilliant beginning.
What do you think?

Chris Achilleos

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Plastered! Book 3 Published!

Gina is a diabolically teasing woman! Stanley has no choice but to witness further humiliation as well as experiencing “Queening” for the first time. All his dreams are coming true but reality is, as Stanley discovers, painful!
The slow build up continues with Queening, humiliation and a sexy display by the pool before the main act in Book 4! (13,193 words)

Helmut Newton