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Sardax Illustrates “The Maya Twins”!

Sardax Illustrates Maya Twins!

Sardax is, of course, the pre-eminent FemDom artist working now! I don’t think there is any doubt about that!
He has illustrated one of the scenes from The Maya Twins and it is superb!
Please visit his website and browse through his great illustrations and stories posted there by colleagues and friends.

Morning Light

Postcard from Lesvos

A Different Marriage – November -Vienna

Cafe Klein, Vienna…

Charlie Chaplin and Marlene Dietrich on the beach together!

A Different Marriage – November

At last, the next volume in the A Different Marriage series is out!
I know it took some time but I hope you will agree it was worth the wait!
A Different Marriage – November is the biggest volume so far in the series at just over 33,000 words.
After the momentous events that occurred in October, Sandra gains more confidence and November unveils a slightly different attitude, a new city and a new friend! Is Sandra changing for the better or the worse?

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