Photographer Vladimir Sholomov

Vladimir Sholomov

Alejandra Guerrero

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MM double and very public peek up her skirt! She’s got that look!

Eugene Vardanyan – Photographer

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FemDom Art: More Jim

Seeing you asked so nicely, Phil! *smile* Continue reading

I Want to go to the Carnival in Rio!

Please, please somebody send me a ticket!!
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FemDom Art: Jim

Jim is one of my absolute favourite artists. His work has inspired many of my novels and stories!
Unfortunately, not much is known about him apart from the fact he was German and published in the first quarter to the first half of the twentieth century. Continue reading

The Mistress Next Door.

Begun a new series – The Mistress Next Door!
Christopher notices Mona, his wife, acting strangely and spending a lot of time with the blowsy next door neighbour, Greta!

Acting on his suspicions, Christopher follows Mona and discovers some shockingly kinky things about his wife!
And about himself!
Note: The first volume is mainly F/f but the second will develop into F/mf.
The Mistress Next Door is available now!
There is a preview here! Search the labels for Previews – FemDom.

The Mistress Next Door

1: Suspicion
Mona and I were married three years before I began to get suspicious.
We were reasonably happy. In the beginning, we were mad for sex and constantly shagged. I just had to tap Mona on the shoulder and she was bending over for me! She was insatiable and I loved it. Continue reading