Forced Into Stockings: Space Angel


I finished my shift on time and nervously tapped on the entrance to the cabin I shared with my wife, Anthea.

Due to her standing on board the ship (Anthea was Chief Navigation Officer), our sleeping quarters were quite large and comfortable. It was one of the benefits of being married to a woman from such an influential family and powerful in her right in our matriarchal society. Continue reading

The Break Up

A new twist for this year will be the new adult comics, based on my stories that will be published.
The first is The Break Up that has been beautifully illustrated in colour by Deaghaidh! Continue reading

A Different Marriage – September

Here we are, fresh back from eating far too much and discovering why we avoid relatives for the rest of the year! Still, had a lovely time and relaxed which is nice, considering there is much on my plate for 2009! Have much planned for publication in this year!

Hope you are well and that you are also ready and fresh for the new year. Hope all your resolutions come true!
Finally, the fourth installment in the A Different Marriage series.
A Different Marriage – September! Instead of detailing Tim and Sandra’s year long journey in to D/s in one volume, have decided to publish a month at a time. A Different Marriage – September describes the first tentative steps in the journey! Please leave comments and even suggestions!
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