Love this picture! There is a sense of dreamy freedom! Photographer is Roman Bolshakov


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Modern Slavery 7 Published!

The now nameless slave arrives at the Eastern Decameron for duty!
However, there is an inspection required by the cool, aloof trainer, Miss Ingrid! And she is very thorough!

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Tales of a Cuckold – Adult Comic

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Just Published – Fidelity: Bobby 1 & 2

Available now Fidelity 1 and Fidelity 2! Who is Fidelity? Who is this supremely cruel dominatrix for hire? With elaborate schemes, a steely determination and sadistic cruelty, Fidelity breaks men and puts them in their rightful place! Many men, the world over, pray that their wives never seek help from Fidelity! In the first 2 volumes, Bobby discovers that Fidelity has a way of making men pay!( Novellas 12,197 & 14,493 words)

Fidelity: Bobby 1

The room was completely black. It was so very dark that, when I first opened my eyes, I thought, for a panicky moment, that I was blind.

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Shared Mistress

Thomas looked miserably at his wife for a long moment and then buried his head in his hands. It was a pitiful gesture and Carol saw hopelessness in every defeated fibre of his body.
β€˜I don’t know what to do,’ he moaned into his hands. Continue reading

Ruslan Lobanov