Searching For Jim


How do you feel?’

I blinked but refused to open my eyes completely.

I really did not want to as I felt warm and very comfortable where I was – that dozing moment before you wake up after a really good Sunday morning lie in.

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The Submissive Husband


Alyssa walked steadily across the university grounds, her hair wrapped in a tartan scarf and the collar of her long leather coat turned up against the cold breeze. Nobody gave her a second glance except for the few admiring looks she garnered from the young male students. In her pinwale corduroy trousers, turtle neck jumper and leather boots, she looked like every other academic professor or lecturer.
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Patrick is Sexy!

Sexy photos! Do you like latex? Patrick does! The shiney little devil…



‘Good morning, Mr Horton,’ the young women – the “chirping birds”, I mentally call them – sang as I strode through reception at Musgrave Industries.

‘Good morning, girls,’ I said gruffly, giving them a wave and Meg, the thin blonde on the right looked a little crestfallen.

What did she expect? Roses and chocolates because she gave me a blow job last Friday night? Don’t these young girls get it? I am the boss, the man with the power!

No, I knew they didn’t but it really didn’t bother me. I was the boss, Continue reading

Interesting Concept

A condom with measurements!


Condometric is the first prophylactic that measures and shows off the penis’ length.


The old film stars had a certain style, not like the twerps of today Look at the pics! Hmmmmm…!