The Possession of Emma

1. Brianna

I parked my BMW in the reserved car space next to my husband’s Mercedes. Stephen was in Edinburgh on business; he had flown late yesterday and would not be back until Monday afternoon. That meant I had today and the weekend to myself and, selfishly, I was looking forward to a lazy and comfortable time alone.

To be honest, our marriage had not been great lately but we accepted it as normal. Most marriages fade into a comfortable partnership and the passion dissipates. Marriages tend to falter and fall into ruts, becoming colder and colder. Truthfully, our work kept us together more than anything. Continue reading

London Telephone Conversations

Call 1.


‘For God sakes, Carmen, what are you playing at?’ Continue reading

Modern Slavery 1


Once, I had a normal life.

I don’t try to think about it too often as it overwhelms me, reminds me of what I have lost. It is just the past that I have sadly left behind.


The bottom line is that I have lost everything!

Many people have said that before, I am sure, when they have lost their fortune or their wife. Perhaps, after another form of personal disaster, they may have lost their house or a loved one, maybe a favoured pet animal. Continue reading

A Dfferent Marriage Volume 1

the dance of lives
small smiles, sad hearts
and a million tiny lies
to hide reality.
honesty is a
prelude to a difference
Tim watched Sandra brush her hair.
Up and down; down and up!
Under and over; over and under!
It was something he loved to do, a secret pleasure. He enjoyed watching the brush move methodically up and down that burnished gold hair.
She is so beautiful!
Just how do I deserve her? Continue reading

PDF Previews

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The Chaste Cuckold (F/m)
Mirror, Mirror (F/m)
Owned by Stacey (F/f)
Lingerie Drone (F/m)
Shame (F/f)
Natural Selection (F/m)
The Humiliation of Claudia (F/f)
A Little Spice (F/m)
Elizabeth Grey (TG)
The Dickson Device (F/m)
Kryztal (M/f)
Toys in the Attic (F/m)
Cruel Ryoko (F/m)
The Maya Twins (F/m)
The Loving Mistress (F/m)
The Star Society (F/m)

She’s having fun with her strong horsey! Is she in a race? She’s certainly using the cane to spur her steed on!