Some People Just Cannot Handle the Holiday Cheer!

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Christmas With Megan

Megan and I met at a bookstore three years ago.

It was the week before Christmas. I had just finished for the day at the office and was rambling through my favourite section down the back of the store – you know that section! Where the domination and submission books were hidden from puritanical customers! The desperate Christmas crowds ransacked the front of the shop for picture books and compilations of recipes by people who think they’re important.

 I saw a book I wanted and reached for it the same time that Megan did. Our hands closed over the book at exactly same time. I noticed her hands were plump but sexy and her perfume was strongly exotic.

She smiled at me, eyes glinting and said simply, ‘snap!’

Her smile was teasing and entrancing at the same time.

 At first glance, I saw a mature, very attractive woman. She had dark hair and was a little on the plump side but I liked women to be voluptuous.

 What struck me immediately was the teasing quality of her eyes, as if she knew everything about me with one glance. Her confidence was also noticeable! This was a woman who was very comfortable with herself and the world! I could not imagine her purchasing a diet book!
 ‘Interesting book,’ she said, turning the book over so we could both see the cover.

Domination Skills  !

An Odyssey in Tease and Denial

‘So,’ she said, eyes flickering over me, ‘are you interested in dominating someone?’

 ‘Ah…no,’ I said, feeling my face grow hot.

 ‘So you are the bottom half?’

 A sly smile teased her plump lips and I felt my face burning.

 ‘Ah…’ I stammered.

 ‘Then,’ she said in a calmly assured voice, ‘as I am interested in domination and I am definitely the top half, I should take the book.’

 Her eyes bored into mine.

 ‘I don’t for one moment think you would object?’

 ‘Eh, no, I don’t ob…’

 ‘Good! My name is Megan, by the way.’

 ‘Simon,’ I said with a small, nervous smile.

 ‘I think, Simon,’ Megan said, as we moved to the front of the store, ‘I will buy you coffee as you have submitted to my desires and allowed me the pleasure of purchasing this book for my eighty year old granny!’

 ‘Goodness, your granny! Are you really…’

 ‘Only joking, Simon. Just a laugh. Don’t look so bothered. Let’s find a decent coffee and I think I could tackle a piece of Strudel or, perhaps, a sloppy Danish!’

 She asked me out to dinner over coffee and I accepted. The first night, when Megan showed me to the door of my flat and we kissed, Megan said, ‘let’s go out tomorrow.’

 ‘All right.’

 There was no thought in my mind of refusing or even trying to assert myself. Frankly, I enjoyed the way she took control.

 Don’t misunderstand me! I am not a weak chinned wimp! At the office, I am assertive, sometimes aggressive and I enjoy squash and running.

 I just have submissive fantasies that are deep and dark! Fantasies that haunted me every day of my life!

 Never in my wildest erotic dreams did I ever think I would meet a dominating woman like Megan!

 The next night, Megan took me home, calmly ordered me to undress and then make drinks.

 It was slightly humiliating but I loved the way she so breezily took control. All my secret submissive fantasies were coming to life!

 ‘I’m going to test you, Simon,’ Megan said as she accepted the drink, her eyes dropping to my stiff cock. ‘Do you mind?’

 ‘Ah, no,’ I said huskily, my cock pulsing as Megan was still fully dressed.

 ‘I want to see if we are, as the Italians say, simpatico!’


 ‘I just want to see if you like me dominating you. You are submissive, aren’t you?’

 ‘I’m not really sure,’ I said, flushing.

 ‘Your cock says you are.’

 ‘Yes, but I’m not sure if I want to be whipped or anything like that…’

 ‘Goodness, no!’ Megan exclaimed. ‘I’m afraid I’m not really into that sort of physical shenanigans!’

 Her eyes held mine.

 ‘I much prefer the mental kind! I like to tease and control your orgasms.’

 I trembled at that as she had just described a precise fantasy of mine.

 ‘For a start!’ Megan added with an exaggerated leer.

 ‘That…that sounds…’

 ‘Wait, there’s more!’ Megan chuckled. ‘I want to get lots and lots of orgasms!’

 ‘Of course but…’

 ‘So you must be good with your mouth. Are you?’

 My face burned.

 ‘Not really,’ I said honestly.

 ‘Does it repel you?’

 ‘Gosh no! I’d…I’d really like to…to do that! I’m willing to learn!’

 ‘Good,’ Megan smiled, ‘because I’m willing to teach you. We’ll start tonight!’’

 We kissed and then Megan guided me down between her thighs.

 ‘Take my knickers off, darling.’

 My heart exploded when she called me “darling” and I eagerly slipped my fingers in to the waistband of her silky pink briefs.

 Megan lifted up with a giggle as I excitedly tugged the undergarment down her fleshy thighs and around her ankles.
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