The Executive Floor -Short Story. (Redux)

I didn’t hear him at first!

Far too busy undoing his belt and pulling his trousers down around his ankles.

Then his underpants.

Pale blue with a dark waistband. It was obvious that a woman purchased the stylish garment for him as, judging by his appalling tie; he had no fashion sense at all.

His arse looked white and vulnerable and then he mumbled again.

I leaned over him, lips close to his ear.

‘Did you say something?’

His face was mashed against the desktop, thinning hair tousled and the tips of his ears were red.

Blushing from shame.

Or fear.

Hopefully, both.

How very nice!

‘Don’t,’ he croaked.

‘You don’t mean that,’ I chuckled.

‘No. I do. Please…don’t…’

I folded the hem of his suit jacket back over his waist, revealing the bright orange lining. Another example of his terrible taste. Continue reading

The Way We Were (Story)

He stood nervously by the dressing table as his wife applied lipstick. The room was silent except for the sound of his ragged, hoarse breathing. In the evening air, the distant sound of a car door slamming, laughter and a dog. He watched the lipstick move over her lips.

Suddenly, his wife was very sexy to him. She was wearing a full white satin slip with a froth of lace at the hem as well as at the bust line. Her hair was curled and shone as she had visited the hairdressers that afternoon.

The “do” had been expensive but it wasn’t every day that a woman…

As usual, he was naked in her presence with his rotund belly hanging over his groin. Middle age had not been good to him. Too many business lunches, cocktails and minimal exercise as well as a genetic leaning towards baldness. The mirror reminded him constantly that he was not worthy, that she deserved something better. Continue reading

A Matter of Trust

‘Marriage is,’ May said with a thin smile, ‘a matter of trust.’

Eyes flittering over her husband’s naked body as her thin smile broadened into a triumphant grin. 

Grant, naked on the large bed, hands shackled behind his back, was very helpless. His puzzled eyes stared at his wife as he wondered what May was going on about. This night was not going according to plan; he should be fucking by now! His cock was hard – May was delicious in her black lingerie – and it was Saturday night!

Why weren’t they fucking? Continue reading

The Red Bikini (Short Story)

He watched her everyday.

It was a ritual. One coffee and one croissant, which he usually left half eaten for the seagulls.

Sitting on the resort terrace, sipping coffee and nibbling at the croissant, he watched her lying by the pool.

Watching her was part of his small ritual.

Exquisitely beautiful in an elegant but sexily skimpy red bikini, she lay on the white sun lounge and surveyed the world through her fashionable sunglasses.

Honey coloured skin, cascading thick black hair and red lips, fingernails and toenails to match the bikini. Continue reading

Suggestions. (New Short Story)

‘There you are, darling,’ Lily chuckled, looking down at me.

 There were times when I considered that Lily had missed her calling and that she could have been a fine actress.

Somehow, my wife managed to sound surprised to find me kneeling on the floor of our bedroom. Not just kneeling in a position where one may look for something in a low cupboard. No, I was kneeling with my forehead placed firmly on the floor and my arms outstretched in a supplicatory manner.

Just as Lily had suggested so, in reality, there was no surprise.

Lily enjoyed pretending that I did the humiliating things of my own volition, that I knelt on the floor for my own amusement!

When, of course, the reverse was true.

Lily suggested that I do things and I had no choice but to obey.

As she smiled down at me, my captured cock winced within the chastity belt at the sight of her. Continue reading

Martha & Paul (F/M Story)

Martha was not a vengeful woman.

I’m not, she told herself silently, staring at her reflection in her dressing table mirror.

There was that time, though, that Martha partly cut through the laces of Lena Thomas’s tennis shoes so they would break in the middle of her championship match.

Lena had eliminated Martha from the finals, due to a bad line call by the linesman Lena was shagging at the time so revenge, in Martha’s opinion, was mandatory.

And now Paul had shagged Martha’s sister!

Technically, her step-sister but it was still a case of in-family shagging and that was, in Martha’s eyes, a definite no-no! 

‘I didn’t know he was with you,’ Sharon had protested and Martha had shaken her head sadly.

How could she? How could he? Continue reading