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The Step-Mother!Life in a chastity belt can be heaven and hell! Especially when a voluptuous and very knowledgeable step-mother is involved.
Chaste JusticePortia Doyle discovers her husband is unfaithful. She decides to save their marriage through an innovative approach.
Marital Conversation – The wife’s side of a conversation about chastity and the benefits of being the key-holder.

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Wicked Wives 3


Eight Femdom stories about some very wicked wives!
120 pages, 26,400 words €9.00 – Available now!
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BookShop News: Wicked Wives 2.

Wicked Wives 2

New book just released!

Wicked Wives 2.

Six female domination stories about 6 wicked wives.
(129 pages, 33,400 words. €9.00)

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July Bookshop Specials

3 Femdom Specials & 3 Transgender Romance Specials

(Expires 31st July)

3 Femdom Specials

Tommy “Buster” Nolan thought he could control everyone, even when he was paying for a Domme to dominate him. Then, a foolish bet with Pepper Collins, the Domme, puts him in a situation where he really loses control and has to endure terrible humiliation! He has to face his old enemy and, at the same time, learns to face himself!
(FemDom, chastity belt, humiliation, exhibitionism, cage, bondage, forced femme)

Buster Nolan Scenes Normally €24.00 July only €12.00 – Discount Code:bust72a

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A love story! Roxanne and Gordon have been married for many years and Gordon had often asked (sometimes demanded) that Roxanne take control and help him live the kinky fantasies he had dreamed of.
And so, for his birthday, Gordon gets what he had wanted! Reality can be such a bitch and, as Gordon discovers, so can Roxanne! Continue reading

Bookshop News: Wicked Wives

Wicked Wives – Four female domination stories about four decidedly wicked wives!

(65 pages, 19,000 words.€6.00)

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Bookshop News

Some news from the bookshop.

lighthousecoversmallLighthouse Beach, a lesbian romance ebook has been published under the pen name Jacqueline Pouliot.
Available from the Jacqueline Pouliot blog.
Please note this is not an erotic story with keywords:  lesbian, romance, love, relationships.


And there are 50% off specials in the bookshop  for June.

The Henpecked Husband – 48,271 words normally €20.00!  Now only €10.00! Use discount code: clovis47k

 Diary of a Chaste Husband – 148, 626 words normally €40.00! Now only €20.00! Use discount code: italychaste02

 Decline & Fall – 83,945 words normally €30.00! Now only €15.00! Use discount code:devil895