Bookshop News: Mind Games

Mind Games – a New FemDom Story!

Mind Games is not a traditional female domination story. In fact, the FemDom elements do not appear within the tale until deep in the story.
Alex Campbell appears as a very successful business man but, in reality, is almost bankrupt. His survival depends on one deal – a merger of his company with an American powerhouse.
He makes a mistake and finds himself being drawn into a strange web of deceit. Alex also finds he has strange desires.
As the reader slowly moves through the book, pieces of the conspiracy are revealed.

(Female Domination, chastity belt, denial, mind control, bondage, exhibitionism, spanking, betrayal)

(46,600 words  €9.25) To purchase and download, go here.


Preview (3 Excerpts from the Novel)

Excerpt 1.

Alex Campbell walked down the sweeping staircase and put his overnight bag on the floor near the front door.

Carefully, he put his overcoat, scarf, hat and gloves on one of the three straight backed chairs against the wall.

A family portrait of with Alex smiling at the artist and Jemima his wife standing close by, her eyes turned to Alex and full of affection.

How quickly that affection faded once Jemima discovered my affair with Ruth! How could I have been so stupid? Continue reading

BookShop News: With This Ring

With This Ring  is a romp that can best be described as a BDSM wedding fantasy!

Stephen, a submisisve who enjoys humilation, has been visiting Brenda, his favourite Dominatrix for some time.

One day she casually announces they should get married!

Stephen discovers it is not a good idea to decline a proposal from a skilled and ruthless dominatrix like Brenda!

(22,046 words  €7.50 – Discount available for newsletter subscribers)

To purchase and download, go here.


‘I think,…’ Brenda said, ‘…we should get married.’
It was a provoking statement and delivered with a studied nonchalance.
Stephen could not answer, even if he wanted to, as he was in a position that permitted absolutely no movement and, more importantly, no speech.
Completely naked, Stephen’s wrists were cuffed behind his back and his elbows painfully forced together with a leather strap Belinda had buckled tightly with her usual aplomb. Continue reading

The Alchemy Series

 England 1913 – 1918, but an alternative earth where things are achingly familiar but also very different.
King Rudolph, a Tudor, is on the English throne, the American War of Independence did not occur and neither did Bismarck’s Prussia.
The sprawling British Empire includes Canada which stretches from the Artic to the Mexican border, India (which includes Pakistan and Sri Lanka), Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and many parts of Africa. England is a superpower and only The Austrian-Hungarian Empire with its spread over much of Europe, Africa and parts of Asia rivals its strength and military forces.
In this parallel world, alchemy – the power to transmute metals and flesh – is a skill used by the alchemists who once occupied privileged positions in the royal courts.
“Once again, Ms Diaz has created wonderful characters and intriguing storylines. Each novel in this outstanding series can stand by itself but the reader will benefit by reading the volumes in order as many characters are repeated. This is, without a doubt, my favourite TG series!” (Preview)

Pub. 2006
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Pub. 2007
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Pub. 2012
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Excerpt 1 of 3.

Paul O’Brien was working the room. There was no time for him to enjoy the party, even though it was a “family affair”. Some of the women smiled and nodded to him. He was not an unattractive man. In fact, some women said he was handsome in a bland kind of way.

No, he had to work the room! It’s what he did and the guests at the party were all influential people within the City.

Everyone was wearing evening dress and the grand room of Paul’s father-in-law’s house glittered with celebrities and influential people. After the introductory drinks, the select group would gather in the large library and listen to the chamber music of an up and coming quartet the Chairman had decreed the company was now sponsoring.

The Chairman, Paul’s father-in-law, was focussed on the arts as a tax deduction and enhancing the reputation of the business.

Looking around the room, Paul saw his wife, Lara, gorgeous in a red evening dress, talking to a group of wives. The women were all laughing and looking very fine in their expensive evening dresses.

Especially Lara.

Lara was excellent at these functions as she had been schooled by her father, the Chairman. Completely at ease amongst the rich and influential, Lara moved from group to group, smiling and chatting.

If she had been born a boy, her father would have moved her into the business. She would probably make a better Business Development Director than Paul and told him so when they argued. They were arguing more and more lately.

If Paul was honest, he had to admit Lara was probably right. His wife would be better at business that he was! Paul sometimes thought she hated the fact her father would not allow her into the business at all.

The problem was that Lara’s father was a misogynist and a bigot! He did not believe in equality in any shape or form! What’s more, as well as being anti-female in the workplace (a woman’s place is supporting her husband and raising a family), he hated the idea of homosexuals or people of colour working in the company! He practically hated everyone that was not male, straight, white, Anglo Saxon and Protestant!

Of course, he did not openly reveal any of these prejudices and kept them hidden but one of the “perks” of being the son-in-law was that William spoke honestly every now and again in front of Paul, especially after one or two glasses of gin and vermouth!

Still, Paul had the job, the beautiful wife and a big house and a Jag. All of it provided by his father-in-law’s money!

William, Paul’s father-in-law nodded in greeting to Paul as he spoke to some ambassador and Paul looked around for someone to talk to, when Simon approached him.

Simon was, technically, Paul’s boss. At least he was the person Paul reported to as Paul saw himself as fireproof. After all, he had married the Chairman’s daughter.

‘Doing any business, Paul?’ Simon asked casually.

‘Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that, Simon,’ Paul said.

‘Good to hear,’ he said automatically as he looked around the room. ‘I need to see you tomorrow, old boy,’ he said with an insincere smile. ‘We need to have a chat.’

‘If you say so…’

‘I do, old boy, I do. Let’s make it at ten tomorrow, eh?’

He didn’t wait for an answer and moved off, greeting some people with a warm smile and handshakes.

Paul looked around for his wife but Lara had vanished. He assumed she had gone to the bathroom or into the library in preparation for the boring music everyone all had to endure with fixed smiles.

Excerpt 2 of 3.

At the end of the day, Paul sat in his office when everyone else had gone home with his head in his hands.

His last call to the cool Ms Bao had achieved the same result. No cancellations.

Despondently, he looked at his watch and saw it was half six.

He was about to leave the office and drive home when he thought he should call one more time!

Each time Paul picked up the telephone to call, he felt a surge of hope. It was a brief sensation of hope as Ms Bao regularly and quite cruelly destroyed it.


It was a different voice! Female, brisk and clearly not Chinese.

‘Could I speak to Ms Bao’

‘Afraid she’s gone for the day.’

‘Is…is that Ms Plume?’

Paul held his breath and, if he could have, he would have crossed all his fingers and toes.

‘Yes, it is. Who is this, please?’

Paul almost pumped the air with excitement.

‘This is Paul O’Brien…’

‘Oh yes. Ms Bao told me you have been pestering her for an appointment.’


‘I have been calling to gain an appointment, Ms Plume as I wish to discuss a…’

‘…vital matter. Yes, yes,’ she said dismissively, ‘I have heard all of that before, Mister O’Brien.’

‘I urgently need to see you, Ms Plume…’

‘Oh dear,’ she said and Paul could swear that there was laughter in her voice. ‘You sound rather desperate!’

Is she laughing at me?

‘Perhaps I am,’ Paul heard himself say. ‘Desperate to discuss…’

‘I know about the company you represent, Mister O’Brien. We do our research, you know. I can’t see there would be anything vital for us to discuss!’

It was, he thought despairingly, all going to shit!

All he could manage in response was a weak, ‘Oh…’

‘However,…’ Heidi Plume said after a long moment, ‘…I could manage to give you fifteen minutes of my time.’

Elation and relief soared through Paul!


‘The only time I have available will be at six tomorrow evening.’

‘Of course! Any time you wish…’

‘Do you have the address?’

‘I…I think I do…’

‘Let me give it to you.’

She rattled off an address and Paul scribbled it down, his heart swelling with triumph!

‘Fifteen minutes, Mister O’Brien,’ she said. ‘If I were you, I would not be late!’

She hung up and Paul waved his fist in the air in a silent celebration.

Excerpt 3 of 3.

Ms Plume rose from behind her desk and walked to the sofa in the middle of the room. The lights of the city landscape shone through the large window and Paul inhaled a small sniff of her exotic perfume as Ms Plume walked by him.

She sat on the sofa, crossed her legs and adjusted the hem of her skirt so it rested just over her knee.

The black nylon of her hosiery gleamed in the room lights, as did her glossy black high heel shoes. Behind her, through the window, Paul saw a distant blue neon sign on a building in the darkness that shrouded the city.

Hesitantly, he stood up, clutching the presentation folder and waited, unsure what he was expected to do or say.

Paul only knew he had to gain the second appointment if he was going to have any chance of saving his life, saving everything!

‘I think, Mister O’Brien,…’ she said calmly, ‘…I pity you.’

He blinked and felt his cheeks warm. His stomach was twisting and turning, a reflection that inwardly he was possessed by turmoil and fear.

One of those brief flickers Paul recognised as a smile appeared on her lips and vanished without lingering.

‘Does that embarrass you?

Paul uneasily shook his head and this time the smile did linger on her lips.

‘I see. Are you beyond embarrassment, Mister O’Brien? Have you moved beyond the humiliation of revealing your rather precarious position?’

His cheeks now burned and he managed to croak, ‘Please, Ms Plume, I am desperate…’

‘So you said,’ she said with a curt wave of dismissal, the slim bracelet on her wrist tinkling softly. ‘I think we are now both aware of your desperation.’

Paul shifted nervously and took a tentative step forward, not knowing what else he could do or say to make her help him.

She smiled coldly.

‘And now, I believe your time is up!’

‘Please…oh please, Ms Plume,’ Paul babbled. ‘Please give me a second appointment! I…I…’

‘I will consider giving you an appointment, Mister O’Brien,’ she said, cutting through his raving pleas.

Paul shut his mouth and, heart pounding frantically, waited.

Ms Plume looked at her high heel shoe, her hands rested on the knee of her crossed leg.

‘There appears to be a spot on the toe of my shoe, Mister O’Brien. Clean it.’

Her voice was so crisp and confident, it almost had a slight metallic ring to it.

‘C…clean…your shoe?’

She looked at him with those bright blue eyes.


He looked around the office nervously.

‘Is…is there a cloth…I could use my handkerchief,’ Paul babbled, putting the folder down and reaching into his pocket.

‘No,’ she said softly.


‘Not a cloth,’ she said in that low voice that now suddenly and weirdly reminded me of Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wore Prada”.

Paul stared at her and she smiled thinly.

‘You can use your tongue. That is, if you really are desperate for a second appointment.’

He could not believe what he had just heard! For a moment, Paul wondered if he had misheard her, if her habit of speaking so softly had encouraged him to completely confuse what she had said.

But, if she did not want him to use his tongue, what had she meant, what had she actually said?

Paul wilted under her startling eyes and mumbled, ‘My…my tongue…?’

‘Yes,’ she said crisply in that now familiar low voice. ‘You will kneel and use your tongue to clean my shoe. That is,…’ she said with another brief smile, ‘…if you are desperate enough. Once my shoe is clean, I will consider whether to give you a second appointment or not.’


Mirror, Mirror

David underestimated Angie!
Terribly underestimated her when he suggested more domination games in their bedroom!
Suddenly, David is trapped behind the bedroom mirror, locked in a secret room and forced to see, to suffer and to serve!
And, as David discovers, Angie’s cruelty knows no bounds!

Read Preview


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Bookshop News: Decline and Fall Book 3 Published!

 Book 3 Now Available.

Lenore leaned closer to Sebastian. She felt warm and sexy. Her bald kitty felt sensitive and tingly.

They were seated a booth in a very famous restaurant. Simply walking into the restaurant had, for Lenore, been an amazing experience. The other diners were representatives of the rich and famous but Sebastian and Lenore’s booth was in the corner, away from prying eyes.

They had met for lunch, then visited a gallery followed by a jewellery shop where Sebastian bought Lenore an elegant gold bracelet which she now wore on her left wrist.

Now, they were dining in the famous restaurant and only moments away from returning to the townhouse where Sebastian had said he would stay the night!

In Lenore’s bed!

Where Paul would find them!

Paul finds himself in increasingly humilating positions with Adele as his self-control slips away! Adele makes sure Paul has a devil of a time!

Decline and Fall – Book 3 – now published €8.00!
To purchase and download, go here.



Decline & Fall – Bookshop News

 Paul Weaver is in trouble! His business has failed and he now faces the possibility of prison! His beautiful wife, Lenore is not impressed but Paul is thrown a lifeline by a mysterious and very wealthy man!

However, Paul soon discovers that all is not what it first seems!

A tale over four books with many twists and turns.  (22,369 words, €8.00)

Decline and Fall, Book 1 is now available.

To purchase, go here!



Preview of Book 1

Paul Weaver was sweating!

He glanced nervously at his wife as the elevator rose upwards. Lenore seemed calm to any observer but Paul knew she was anxious. He could tell by her eyes.

As the car stopped on each floor on its journey to the very top of the Oak Building and, as people moved in and out of the lift, Paul felt each stop was another step closer to hell.

Was it hell or simply death and ruin? That was close enough to a description of hell in this lifetime. Continue reading

City Life

Synopsis: Clair discovers her husband, Elliot is having an affair with Bronwyn and confides to her next door neighbour and friend, Harriet.
They come up with a plan for revenge which doesn’t work out quite as it should!
 Bronwyn, not liking the role of the “other woman” at all, has to come to terms with her relationship with her best friend, the stunning supermodel, Rhiannon.

“…a little mind control, a pinch of female domination, throw in some chastity belts and some lesbian dilemmas with a little romance and it all comes together in ‘City Life’!”

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Excerpt 1.

It only took planning and research, Clair told herself as she flicked through the textbook.

She had enough medical knowledge to find the right drugs to put him into a deep but receptive sleep. A drug that would leave no trace in the bloodstream after its work was done.

A deep sleep where the subconscious commands could be implanted, commands that would permit Clair to take her revenge at last! Continue reading

An old fashioned sword & sorcery, transgender serial!

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” C.S. Lewis

Sorcery is alive in Aswin where monarchs have absolute power and politics is driven by the sword and conquest. In this alternate Earth, Riclamin the Younger, Novice Knight in the legion of Lord Walril undergoes a transformation that leads the Known World of Aswin to a new destiny! From Älvdalen, the northern most province of the kingdom of Everhaven, to the golden capital, Therilia and to the Northern Reaches, this is an epic transgender tale of swords, sorcery, Kings, Queens, Wizards and, of course, romance!


 Preview Episode 1 of the Tales of Aswin.

Sometimes, when the occupants of Castle Estosia and the small surrounding villages Continue reading