Self Pleasure

She-Male Art

Swimsuit Fetish

High Cut Kingdom by Murasaki Nyaa


Ng Chun Fui publishes work under the pseudonym of Floyd Grey

Ex Libris

Ex Libris is a series of artworks by Japanese artist Alphonse Inoue, and it pictures young women with innocent faces doing not-so-innocent stuff with the rest of their body.


Perhaps she has exhausted him!
Erotic art from German artist Andre Kosslick
It is worth visiting his gallery for the landscapes!


Japanese Office Girls and the Big O by American artist Toshiro Tanaka
If you search for Japanese Office Girls the result will be over 10 pages of sites – mostly erotic!
I did not know an occupation could be a fetish! 🙂

Mutual Satisfaction

Pay Attention to the Wind!

La manche a vent by Apollonia Saintclair