Origin unknown.

Strap-On Saturday

Yes, it’s Saturday! And that means … Welcome to Strap-On Saturday!


A Little Threatening

I have no idea where this is from. It is good, though.





Strap-On Selfie

She’s posing for a friend? (Origin unknown.)
Notice I haven’t said anything about the messy dressing table or the background? I am so nice!
Femdom Selfies!

Sofa Time

Source: Russian Mistress.
You could go back through the archives and visit all the Strap-On Saturdays and Worship Wednesdays just to look at sofas! Where would the erotica world be without the humble sofa?


She’s very efficient in a professional way. He does get the whole package. (Origin unknown).
And who doesn’t love a red latex dress? 🙂


This is from Perfect Sin Network, whom I have not heard of before. The name is a good choice, though.

The View