Femdom Foot Tease

Stacy Adams from Leg Sex

The Razor






Mirror Image

Belgian fine-art photographer Frank De Mulder has worked for many well known magazines. He has also published photographic books.
He started his career as cameraman and director of photography in several short movies and commercials. At the age of 29, he decided photography was his real passion. Since then, he worked his way up to become a worldwide celebrated photographer.
”Sometimes people ask me what I’m going to do “later” when I stop taking photos. Later? Oh…take photos, I reply. Because, of course, I’m never going to stop. I’d go mad without it. Not being able to see or experience all that beauty anymore? Never.”

Seductive Mermaids

L’Enticement de L’Ondine by Leo Fontan.
Born in 1884, Leo Fontan collaborated with many newspapers such as The Parisian Life , The Smile and Fantasio. He also drew posters and designed sets for the Folies Bergère. He designed furniture and the decoration of cruise ships including Aramis in 1931. Fontan died in 1965.

Naked Moment

Origin unknown.

Mature Tease

The Camera

Intriguing photograph by Mariano Vargas

Domination Burlesque